Friday, February 10, 2017

Back to races

 As soon as we got back from Disneyland it was off to Delta for some races in the motor home. And boy do I love these three kiddos. So cute watching them love on each other on the couch!

 And then some how I got two of them haha!

 Dallas digging a hole for a trampoline!

 And we also moved our rock wall a little bit too! Dallas has been busy in the yard!

 Tractor rides!

 Kenzley and her favorite boyfriends Andrew came to watch her race!

 Cohen getting use to his 65

 Love when these guys get done racing they always wait and say good job to each other

 Brinkley knows she can't eat in the family room and has to be in the kitchen so she will sit right where the hard wood floor ends! haha

 Cohen and Jett wrecked into each other and the little guys found them!

 Dallas likes to water the track too!

 Hanging out in the trailer between races.

 We like to wear these kids out!